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Introducing the new smart water system that produces high alkaline water, pure healthy hydration

• 9.5pH High Alkaline Water

• Triple Filtered

• Removes Chlorine & Fluoride

• No More Plastic Waste

• Healthy Hydration

Rated Excellent On Trustpilot

Better WaterBetter You!

The new, smart, Virtue Water system is more than just a filter! Our water system provides pure unlimited Alkaline Ionizes water at the touch of a button giving you extreme hydration and benefiting your health. No more buying bottled water. Ditch the plastic.

We believe we offer the best ionizers available in the UK. Our machines can covert ANY tap in the UK to a fully functioning high alkaline tap that produces pH water from any level. We don’t just provide them we also install them as part of the price to give you peace of mind.

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Your smart water system designed to help you and your family live healthier

Filtered water for your family at the touch of a button. 

Our devices make it so easy to drink more water and stay hydrated.

Pure Filtered Water

Healthy Hydration


No More Buying Water

Triple filtered, removes all tap impurities such as fluoride and chlorine.

A great source of keeping your family hydrated at the touch of a button.

Refill and reuse your own bottles to help reduce plastic waste.

No more buying plastic bottled saving you thousands.

See how much money you can save by switching from bottled water to Virtue Water

Save 20% PLUS includes FREE installation and chrome tap, sale ends Friday 28th May

Discover A Better Water

For A Better You

Tripple Filtered

Triple filtered to flush out tap water contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine & aluminium. Our unique triple filtered system can help reduce scale, filter our tap imported such as fluoride and chlorine as well as reduce the microslplastics found in your tap water.

Healthy Hydration For All The Family

Our devices can be installed one of two ways. We can either surface mount the water machine right by your sink for quick access or we can install it under your sink and fit a luxury chrome tap exclusively for your alkaline water right by your sink.

Expert Installation

All our machines are installed by experiences plumbers. We only use the best installers (all employed by us - no contractors) so you get the best possible installation for the best machine on the market. 

Drink Smater

Prices from as little as £15/month

5 Year Warranty Included

Expert Installation Included 

Can be surface mounted or installed under the sink 

Training & guidance Included

Rated Excellent On Trust Pilot

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Pure unlimited, filtered water for you and your family at the touch of a button. Drink better today. 

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